Hosting GeoWoodstock...

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to have a Mega event in your town or close by?  Maybe thought how even more amazing it would be to actively help organize, plan and host the original Mega event?  Ever wondered why GeoWoodstock hasn’t visited your area? If so, it’s probably because nobody in your area has submitted a proposal to host it!

All it takes is DESIRE, a strong local or state geocaching organization and some other factors that almost any established group can qualify for.

GeoWoodstock is the original Mega Event, starting as an event meant to bring together cachers from across the country in Louisville KY in 2002, it became the first ever Mega in Dallas TX in 2006, and on 2018 Cincinnati OH, hosted the first Giga event ever held in the US.

One aspect that makes GeoWoodstock unique is that it has moved around the country every year.  Instead of always being held in the same place, or same geographically restricted area, local geocaching organizations submit proposals to host the event and bring it to their own backyards.  If you didn’t already know this and you’ve been paying attention, you may have just realized what that means is you and your organization might be able to host a future GeoWoodstock! 

If you think you’d like to join the ranks of GeoWoodstock hosts, why not get that ball rolling?  We’d love to hear from you!  There are many states and localities that have strong organizations and haven’t hosted.  We realize that it isn’t for everyone, but if you think your organization is capable and would like to become one of the hosts of the original Mega, submit a bid!

We can answer questions you may have about putting together a proposal.  It isn’t difficult and it isn’t a big mystery.  Create a good-looking, well organized document that tells us who you are, where you want to hold the event and addresses the points that JoGPS, the Godfather of GeoWoodstock, set down as the key requirements for host organizations.  These requirements and more can be found on The Future section of the site.

Hosting GeoWoodstock, or any Mega event for that matter, isn’t a walk in the park.  It takes a core team of very dedicated people.  You will devote time to it for over a year.  Solid planning and execution are a must from the very beginning.  You will panic, more than once.  I’m pretty sure we all did when planning ours. 

We want you to succeed, so if selected to host, we can offer advice, explain traditions, answer other questions and give you some of the details from previous events to help you plan.  It will be your event, with your group’s flair and flavor.  But we’re here to help if you need it.  We can’t wait to see what special touches you have in store.

One thing that is difficult to put into words, is the incredible feeling you will have on the day of the event as you look out over the crowd of thousands.  People who have come from all over the country and around the world, all having a great time, making friends and greeting old friends, and you realize that you’ve done it.  You pulled it off.  Your team hosted GeoWoodstock.

Help us carry on the tradition and vision that Joe started.  Bring GeoWoodstock and thousands of old and new friends to your backyard for a GeoWoodstock reunion!

Ready to take the next step?