GeoWoodstock V


May 26, 2007

Raleigh, North Carolina


Attended Logs: 1,051

Committee Representative: wimseyguy

First GW to have over 1000 attended logs.

First and only GeoWoodstock to have two megas in one weekend. Our Friday Night Meet & Greet had 625 Attended logs and was awarded MEGA status after the event. Later on Groundspeak determined that this was the only time that two MEGAs would be allowed in one weekend at the same venue and the guidelines were changed to avoid this in the future.

First GeoWoodstock to create a separate section for vendors.

First GeoWoodstock to have any lackey let alone one of the founders Jeremy working the food service line.

First GeoWoodstock to be held on the wedding anniversary of one of the hosts. My wife still reminds me of this every May when I am getting ready to attend another GW.